How It Works

Deciding to pay someone to design a cover for your book is the HARDEST part of the whole process!

The following is a step-by-step description of what you can expect:

1. Contact:
-Drop me a line in the ‘Contact Us’ part of the site.
-I will write you back, usually within 24 hours, and ask you detailed questions.

2. Design:
-I will need to know your vision of the cover.
-This usually will consist of a background and one or two objects or people.
-It can be a scene from the book, or just an abstract design with the title.
-You can get creative, but there are limitations which i will discuss with you.
-Each background and image used must be purchased and will raise the cost.
-I will submit each image to you for confirmation before purchasing.

3. Drafts:
-I will get a draft to you within 72 hours of deciding on a design.
-With each draft you can make changes but there are down sides to each one.
-With each draft there will be more time that it takes to complete the final.
-If you change an image, you will still be charged for the original.
-Each draft will have a watermark which is temporary and for my protection.

4. Final Cover:
-This is when you have no more changes and are pleased with the cover.
-I will send you an invoice from my paypal, allowing you to pay by credit card.
-The invoice will consist of payment for the cover plus image rights costs.
-Each image usually costs me $5 each, and i will add to the final cost.
-Once I have received payment, I will send you the final version w/o watermark.

5. After Payment:
-Once we are finished, that doesn’t mean we are done for good.
-I will keep your design on file and will be able to do a few things at no cost:
-I can reformat the cover to fit any Kindle/Nook device if needed.
-I can make changes in font/size/arrangement of the cover and resubmit.
-For an small additional fee, I can create a back cover and spine for use in print.

That’s it!  Thank you for your time & consideration and I hope to hear from you soon!